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How do I search for a field?
Type your query in the search box and the list of fields will filter down to whatever matches what you've typed. If you are only looking at baseball fields, for example, only baseball fields will be searched.
How do I mark a field as a favorite?
If you are on a mobile device, double tap the field to mark it as a favorite. On a desktop browser, double click. To remove a field from your favorites list, double tap or double click it again.
Is there a way to see where a particular field is located?
Tap or click the name of the field to open Google Maps to see its location. A future update will allow you to define your preferred map application.
How do I refresh the list of fields?
On a mobile browser, you can scroll to the top of the page and pull down to refresh. On a desktop browser, you can reload the page to refresh the field list.
Google Maps couldn't find my field.
We don't have the addresses for the fields currently, so we're just passing a search query to Google. If a certain field isn't found, email us and let us know the field name and we'll take steps to refine what we pass to Google for that field.
Can I group fields by their status?
Tap or click the sort button next to the "All" filter at the top left of your screen below the search box. Fields will be grouped in order of Closed, Delayed, Notice and Open. Tap or click on it again to go back to alphabetical order. A future update will allow you to define the order of groups.
Why don't my favorites don't show up on other devices?
Currently, your favorites are stored locally on the device you are using and are not shared between devices. A future version of the site may enable cross-device sharing.
A field we play on isn't listed under the sport it's used for. Why not?
Field type filtering is based on certain keywords appearing in the name of the field provided by Loudoun County, such as "diamond" for baseball or "rectangle" for soccer. Most likely your field doesn't have a keyword that lets us know what sort of field it is. Please email us and let us know which field it is and what type of field it should be listed as and we'll update it.
Can I add this site to my home screen on my mobile device?
This website supports running as a full screen web app. On an iOS device, tap the share icon on Safari, and select "Add to Home Screen" to add it. On Android, go to the site in Chrome, tap the menu button and select "Add to Home Screen".
I have an idea for this - who can I tell?
Email me at sgchipman@gmail.com